Understanding stormwater, the issues, and solutionsMacon County MS4, erosion control matting

Some people say rain, other say rainwater, we say stormwater, and it's more than just rain. Stormwater is any rainwater or melting snow or ice that flows over the surface of the land to the nearest sewers, lake, or stream. Hard surfaces like driveways, roofs, parking lots, and even some lawns pose two stormwater problems:  

1. Pollution - like litter, debris, oils, etc. which the stormwater carries to its destination untreated

2. Increased flow - the water flows quickly and in larger volumes, and that combination can increase flooding and erosion, the washing away of stream bank soils. Are there solutions to these problems? YES!!!  Macon County, the City of Decatur, the Village of Forsyth & the Village of Mt. Zion are working together to do their part in protecting and improving water quality and educating citizens about it. But, it’s not just a good idea to reduce stormwater pollution, it’s the LAW.  As part of the Clean Water Act of 1972 and subsequent amendments, these communities must implement various programs and activities to reduce stormwater pollution and protect water quality. It’s your responsibility, too! Please take some time to learn about stormwater, the issues & solutions on this website. Working together, we can make a big difference!

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